Adam And Eve Marathon Sex Delay Spray Review – Does This Product Works?


    What is Adam and Eve Marathon Sex Delay Spray?Adam and Eve Marathon Delay Spray

    Adam & Eve Marathon Sex, Delay Spray is designed for amazing sexual stamina and sexuality. Enjoy bigger, harder erections with the longer sex ever with the Adam & Eve Marathon Sex Delay Spray just spray onto the head and shaft of your cock Marathon special extra strength Benzocaine formula provides gentle numbing and calms your trigger for bigger harder bigger erections that last longer. The results in just 5 minutes Latex condom safe Apply 2 to 5 sprays to your head and shaft Absorb fully in just 5 minutes. Can destroy the experience to make sex and not fun. Who would like secure feeling? It’s little, but will meet any pocket discreetly. 

    Ingredients of Adam and Eve Marathon Sex Delay Spray 

    • Lidocaine
    • Vitamin E
    • Ceteareth-20
    • Cetearyl Alcohol
    • Citric Acid
    • Dimethicone
    • Farnesol
    • Glycerin

    Advantages and Benefit of Adam and Eve Marathon Sex Delay Spray 

    1. Maximum strength, delay spray.
    2. Added benzocaine for numbing sensations.
    3. Results in less than 5 minutes.
    4. Last as long as you have always wanted.
    5. No more embarrassing premature ejaculation.
    6. Designed as an erection aid.
    7. Latex and Condom safe.

    Adam and Eve Marathon sprayThe Dosage of Adam and Eve Marathon Sex Delay Spray 

    Adam and Eve Marathon Sex Delay Spray takes are 2 sprays 5 minutes before and you will be lasting 20 to 30 minutes more in an instant. 

    Side effects of Adam and Eve Marathon Sex Delay Spray

    There are no side effects ever. But try to consult with your doctor. 

    Customer Feedback on Adam & Eve Marathon Sex Delay Spray 

    Practice makes perfect. Once the right spot is found and the right amount is used it worked great. But, it took a few times to perfect it, but nowomg!

    Shaun Smarsh, Denver 

    Works like a charm. Looking for an extra 5-10 minutes this product is for you.

    Edwards, Dallas 

    Final Verdict of Adam and Eve Marathon 

    • Adam and Eve Marathon has no legal complaints and any allergic complain.
    • The Product is too costly to other spray product.
    • Causes a burning sensation and skin roughness

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