Progene Review: Benefits, Side Effects, Claims, Dosage, Cost, Ingredients and Customer Review


    What is Progene?

    Progene is a tablet help the male body produces more testosterone through a unique combination of ingredients.  Progene is a male supplement that is mainly designed to support the hormone which decreases with age. An support for this vital hormone not only improves general energy and stamina but also has a positive effect on the male libido. Several customer testimonials are shown and while there are downloadable clinical studies that have been performed on the major ingredients. Progene is in the mid-higher price range, costing $59.95 for the initial one month.

    Ingredient of Progene

    • Guarana Extract gives full relief of a headache, fatigue, dizziness, etc.
    • Maca Root increasing your libido and balances your hormones
    • Damiana helps with blood flow to the penis and overall body.
    • DHEA, which used for the testosterone boosting product.
    • Lycopene is best for internal sexual power and health
    • Tribulus which helps improve vitality and virility.
    • L-Arginine which increased blood flow to the penis.
    • Saw Palmetto Berry which improves prostate health.
    • Long jack which is increased libido and sexual power.
    • Ginseng, which is useful for blood flow in the penis area.
    • Ginger Root which improves stamina and sex drive.
    • Oat straw extract which helps overall fitness and power.
    • Yohimbe helps to increase the level of testosterone in the body.

    Cons of Progene

    • No clinical studies of Progene’s formula cited
    • Must be taken continuously to enjoy long-term results
    • High priced

    Benefits, Advantages of Progene

    • All ingredients are safe and properly listed
    • A free 10-day trial is offered
    • 90 days money back guarantee is given on all orders
    • Customer testimonials are provided with a positive view.
    • Company contact details are given the website.
    • Side Effect of Progene
    • There is no side effect noted. But take should consult with your doctor.

    Progene Results

    The product doesn’t in most cases give the expected results and could even cause more harm than good.

    Is Progene A Scam?

    This addition cannot be a fraud, but keep in mind that this is not the FDA evaluated. Where to buy Progene? The Progene pill is available on its websites to qualify for useful packages.

    Dosage of Progene

    The manufacturer suggests that the proper dosage of this product is only for two tablets per day for an average sized male.

    Costing of Progene

    Ordering Progene online will give customers the perks below:

    10 Day Sample Pack – only $4.95 s/h

    1 month – $59.95

    3 months – $129.95

    6 months – $209.85

    Refill – $69.95

    Customer Review about Progene

    I am a 52 years old male who found while the spirit was willing, the flesh was weak. I started taking Progene about two weeks ago, two pills a day. Within about a week, I started waking up each morning with an erection, which is pretty much how I started each day when I was in my 20s. Obviously, this stuff is doing something.

    James Miller

    100% relief product. Came quickly. Well priced and well packaged. Work great!

    Richie Dull.

    Great and best product ever. The product says it takes 60 or 90 days to see full results, but we saw immediate improvement with full effect after about 60 days, using for 6 months now and LOVE it!

    Shaun Micheal

    Bottom Line of Progene Pills

    • Non-prescription
    • Non-reasonable price
    • No clinical study

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